Terms & Conditions

Idcirco T/A Alwright & Marshall Ltd

General Terms and Conditions July 2021.

All goods and services supplied by Idcirco T/A Alwright and Marshall A&M (The Company) are sold subject to the following terms and conditions.

The RECEIPT OF GOODS from Idcirco T/A Alwright and Marshall Ltd  against our official invoice will be DEEMED AS ACCEPTANCE.

  1. All Items accepted by A&M are at Owners Risk and that all repair and refurbished, repaired and restored items will be insured by the purchaser to and from A&Ms premises and whilst in transit.
  2. A 50% Deposit must be paid to Idcirco T/A Alwright & Marshall (A&M) in advance of any works being carried out,
  3. A&M accept no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage to property or person whilst on these premises.
  4. A&M accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage to property whilst in transit as part of any repair service to any items including loss or damage of items or items whilst in transit by couriers.
  5. A&M accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage by trade supplier of any and all or part repair services provided by A&M..
  6. All goods not collected from A&M within 6 months of completion will be sold to defray cost.
  7. Ownership of all goods and services agreed to be sold by A&M shall remain with A&M and shall not pass to the purchaser until:
  8. A&M receives payment in full for these and all other goods and services supplied by A&M to the purchaser,
  9. The goods are resold by the purchaser,
  10. The customer carries out a manufacturing process on the said goods.
  11. The purchaser must examine all goods immediately on delivery and no claims for loss; damage or short delivery will be entertained unless the following action is taken:
  12. Claims for shortage or breakage must be made in writing to A&M and the carrier within three days of receipt of goods and claims for non delivery must be made within 10 days of date of invoice.
  13. All goods returned due to an error of the PURCHASER, or the PURCHASERS agent, if accepted by A&M will be subject to a re-stocking charge.
  14. Unless otherwise agreed in writing all transactions is based on net monthly account and all prices are quoted ex works plus VAT.
  15. A&M reserves the right to charge a 2.5% cumulative monthly interest charge on all overdue accounts.
  16. If at any time a payment for the price of goods and or service due to A&M from the purchaser is overdue, A&M may by its servants and or agents at the purchaser’s expense enter upon the purchaser’s premises using only so much force as may be necessary and recover and dispose of the goods. The purchaser shall make no claim against the company in respect of any such entry or disposal. A&M shall account to the purchaser for any sums in excess of the balance due to itself after the goods have been disposed of and A&M has recouped all sums that are owed by the purchaser.
  17. A&M reserve the right to alter design where safety and customer demand dictate .Under such circumstances ,A&M will communicate with all account customers and ensure continuity of product will be maintained where necessary and practicably.
  18. This contract is devisable. Each delivery made hereunder shall be deemed to arise from a separate contract and shall be invoiced separately ,any invoices for a delivery shall be payable in full in accordance with the terms of payment provided herein without reference to and notwithstanding and defect or default in delivery of any other instalment.



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Alwright and Marshall Ltd is a trading entity of Idcirco Ltd.

© Copyright 2023 Idcirco T/A Alwright & Marshall Ltd




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